What’s in the eBook?

Ivy League Advantage

The Ivy League Advantage

The benefits of a US college education and what the Ivy League can do for you.

Choosing a US College

Choosing a US College

The four types of US universities and how to pick your best fit.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Which application (yes, there's more than one!) to use and how to fill it out.

Standardised Tests

Standardised Tests

Why the SAT and ACT are important to universities and which one to sit.

Crafting the Perfect Essay

Crafting the Perfect Essay

Tips for writing an essay that will delight Ivy League admissions officers.

Financing Your Education

Financing Your Education

A guide to financial aid in the US and a rundown of your funding options.

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Student Success Stories

Crimson’s guidance opened opportunities outside of New Zealand. Having a holistic support team optimised my candidacy to some of the most prestigious global institutions.
Soumil Singh

Soumil Singh

Harvard University, Class of 2020
I was tutored by an Ivy League SAT expert. His professional teaching style and unmatched knowledge of the SAT curriculum made tackling the test a much less stressful experience.
Nathan Huynh

Nathan Huynh

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020
We've crafted this eBook with help from ex-admissions officers, academic experts, Ivy League and top US college graduates. You won’t find this kind of information anywhere else.

Emily Alexander,

Research & Content Specialist at Crimson

Admissions Secrets of the Ivy League

Why read this eBook?

Applying to any US university is difficult, let alone an Ivy League. It doesn't matter if you're a local or international student, the college application system is seriously complicated!

This eBook will demystify the Ivy League admissions process as well as advise you on:

  • How to apply to top US universities outside of the Ivy League
  • US study options for law and medicine students
  • Your earning potential and career prospects with a US college education
  • How to convince your parents that studying in the US is a good idea!

About the author

Andrew Storrier

Andrew Storrier

Research & Content Executive at Crimson

Andrew is works with academic advisors and admissions experts to bring you the most relevant and up-to-date information about top universities around the world.

We hope you enjoy his latest masterpiece!

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