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Educational Experiences

Be immersed in a stimulating environment with other like-minded students from across the world and accelerate your growth.

  • Two-week intensive academic program
  • Live and study on the campuses of leading universities
  • University of Cambridge and Durham University
  • Highly qualified and knowledgable academic staff
  • Choice of specialist subject courses ranging from Engineering, Entrepreneurship and International Relations

Future-Focused Opportunities

Understand your potential pathways and put yourself in the best position for your future success.

  • 'Skills for Learning' program
  • University admissions guidance
  • Study visits to world-class universities 
  • Leadership & personal development
  • Cultural experiences

"This experience taught me more in 2 weeks than many would learn in a lifetime. Not only is it educational, both academically and culturally, but being able to spend time travelling with like minded people, who will quickly become like family, is so refreshing. So often we only see a slim view of what the world is like, but this trip opened my eyes up to so many other realities."


Lucy Forgesson
Youth Medical & Health Sciences Tour 2018

"This tour has been a life-changing experience. Not only has it given me the opportunity to physically view and assess the colleges I am interested in, it has also granted me imperative information and experience. This will help me make more concrete and informed decisions for my future. Furthermore, this tour brought together some very passionate and like-minded students, students with similar value and goals. The friends I have made and experiences I have shared will shape my future and I am glad that I took up this fantastic opportunity."


Akio Ho
Harvard Model United Nations 2018

"There were so many highlights for me on this tour. Visiting the UN and ICRC really helped me define what sort of work and workplace I wanted to be involved in. Visiting all the different highly ranked universities made me think globally about what university I wanted to go to and what university life is really like. Another main highlight for me was meeting so many amazing young people that are doing so much with their lives that have similar interests and motivations as me."


Liliane Bregeon
Global Leaders Delegation 2018

What is a Crimson International Experience really like?

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